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Horror VHS Video LED Light Stand Sign

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Product Type: LED Sign

VHS Format Notes

All our videos are mould free, with playback checked.

Unless otherwise stated the majority of our VHS are UK PAL formatted videos. PAL is the most widely used standard for video. Whilst we do everything we can to ensure all our VHS cassettes are in good condition you may find slight visual or audio distortions in some portions of the video(s), due to the age of the videotape(s). These videos are meant to be enjoyed in their retro-style condition, along with their glitches, twitches and distortions.

Please ensure that you have a compatible VHS player capable of playing UK PAL videotapes (where applicable).

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Horror VHS Video LED Light Stand SignHorror VHS Video LED Light Stand SignHorror VHS Video LED Light Stand SignHorror VHS Video LED Light Stand SignHorror VHS Video LED Light Stand SignHorror VHS Video LED Light Stand Sign

Enhance your VHS collection with our new and exclusive Horror VHS Video LED Light Stand Sign, a must-have for any horror enthusiast. You can place any video in your collection right on top!

Designed to complement your VHS tapes, this stand features a striking red LED light that casts a eerie glow, perfect for displaying your favorite horror titles (big box ex rentals, or small box sell through tapes). For an added touch of ambiance, place an empty VHS clamshell case on the stand and watch as it is illuminated by an additional soft white light. This dual-lighting effect not only highlights your collection but also sets the perfect mood for your next horror movie night.

Product Dimensions: L 14cm x D 7cm x H 7cm

Our product is printed using state of the art 3D printers in PLA, derived from corn starch, making it biodegradable. The LEDs used to illuminate the sign are powered via a 1.5 meter USB 2.0 cable, supplied.

No USB power supply is included. We would recommend you to use any USB plug socket or battery banks to power the sign.