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Ayvianna Snow Stars in Michael Fausti's Latest Movie BURNT FLOWERS

Ayvianna Snow Stars in Michael Fausti's Latest Movie BURNT FLOWERS

Buckle up because 2024 is shaping up to be an eerie and exhilarating ride, courtesy of the UK's indie horror darling, Ayvianna Snow. She's not just dipping her toes but diving headfirst into more of the deep, dark waters of horror with not one, not two, but three spine-chilling projects. Let's unwrap this trove of terror, shall we?

Directed by the enigmatic Michael Fausti, Burnt Flowers is set to premiere this January. If you're a fan of surreal, haunting horror mixed with a dash of noir, then you're in for a treat. Ayvianna Snow stars alongside Dani Thompson and Laurence R. Harvey.

In Burnt Flowers, Ayvianna plays Alice Kyteller, a femme fatale with more layers than an onion in a haunted house. She enlists Detective Francis Alban (Amber Doig-Thorne) to find her missing hubby, leading to a wild ride through the 1960s criminal underworld and a tangle with a serial killer who's been playing hide and seek since the swinging sixties.

Director Fausti has praised Ayvianna, saying she “nailed the sophistication and unassailable confidence” of the Alice character. Catch this eerie escapade at the UK Horror-On-Sea Film Festival on January 20th.

In addition to her appearance in Burnt Flowers Ayvianna also has cameo in the forthcoming Punch, a gothic slasher set on a spooky pier. She appears as a party guest with an expiration date, thanks to the local bogeyman, Mr. Punch. This little gem is available to stream from January 15th in the UK and January 16th in the US.

And for the grand finale, Ayvianna will once more be gracing our screens in Bogieville, set for a Spring release. Directed by Sean Cronin, the movie is about a young couple on the run who come across a derelict trailer park.

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