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Epic Pictures Group Sets U.S. Release Date for Sci-Fi Thriller DOUBLE BLIND

Double Blind Poster

Hollywood based Epic Pictures Group will be releasing the sci-fi thriller, DOUBLE BLIND, in North America. The film is set to hit select theaters beginning February 9, 2024 and on digital platforms February 13, 2024. Award-winning Irish filmmaker Ian Hunt-Duffy (Gridlock, Low Tide) served as the film’s director. The Double Blind cast includes Millie Brady (Roadkill, The Queen’s Gambit, The Last Kingdom), Pollyanna McIntosh (Vikings: Valhalla, The Walking Dead), Diarmuid Noyes (Blood), Akshay Kumar (Count Abdulla), Brenock O'Connor (Game of Thrones), Abby Fitz (The Cellar), Shonagh Marie (Britannia), and Frank Blake (Cherry). Double Blind was written by Darach McGarrigle and produced by Simon James Doyle. Patrick O’ Neill, Emma Scott, Dearbhla Reagan, Katie Page and Patrick Ewald served as the film’s Executive Producers.

Filmed completely on location in Limerick, Ireland, Double Blind begins as an experimental drug trial goes horribly wrong, and seven young test subjects must face the terrifying side effect of the drug –if you fall asleep you die. Trapped in an isolated medical facility, they must find a way to escape, and somehow manage to stay awake.

“As a director I am deeply passionate about creating high-concept and suspenseful genre films, and I believe that the hook of our story —if you fall asleep you die —is really evocative and exciting” says director Ian Hunt-Duffy. “It takes something normal and innocent like sleep and makes it deadly, creating panic and terror whenever someone closes their eyes. We have a fantastic ensemble cast led by Millie Brady and horror icon Pollyanna McIntosh, so I cannot wait for audiences to experience the tension, disorientation, and dread of Double Blind.”

Patrick Ewald, Epic Pictures Group CEO and Executive Producer adds, “The visual and story presentation of DOUBLE BLIND at the Frontières Market blew me away. It combined the perfect balance of sci-fi and horror in a medical lab. Several years later, Ian and Simon delivered a gripping and entertaining movie that far exceeded anyone’s expectations. I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished together and can’t wait for audiences to experience that terror and suspense that awaits them in this SQUID GAME-style thriller."


Double Blind Poster

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