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Celebrating Halloween with Ayvianna Snow: The Best Horror Queen Recommended Vampire Films

Ayvianna Snow

Multi-talented actor and horror queen Ayvianna Snow (LOLA, White Colour Black, Black Lake, Barun Rai And The House On The Cliff, Hollow, The Lockdown Hauntings) joins us to celebrate Halloween by sharing some her favourite vampire films.

Ayvianna’s most recent films include How To Kill Monsters (winner of Best Feature Film at Dead Northern), Wrath of Dracula & Punch.

The Lost Boys – This 1987 film is something of a classic. The Lost Boys made vampires sexy long before Twilight; the vampires here (including Kiefer Sutherland) are leathered-up bikers, and they are looking for recruits. When brothers Michael (Jason Patric) & Sam (Corey Haim) move to Santa Clara (the murder capital of the world!) Sam & his comic store pals, the Frog brothers (including Corey Feldman), must stop Michael from joining the undead. Although it might get a little cheesy in places, the film is great fun, the comedy elements work brilliantly, and there are some iconic moments and a great 80s soundtrack.

American Horror Story Hotel – Admittedly, this is not a film. Still, it gets a thumbs up from me due to the fantastic sets, fabulous fashion and stunning acting, including a superb performance from Lady Gaga. The series is haunting, moving, intriguing & sexy; it cleverly weaves together different stories. Watching the series may also prompt you to research the real mystery of the Hotel Cortez and the fascinating tale of 1920s actor Rudolph Valentino.

Queen of the Damned
– This film often feels overlooked in favour of the first movie, Interview With the Vampire (starring Tom Cruise as Lestat). In Queen of the Damned, Stuart Townsend is perfectly cast as Lestat - returning as a rock star and hiding in plain sight of the world. Admittedly, some moments can be cheesy or confused as the film zips around. But there are some captivating & truly impactful scenes, including the opening scene as Lestat is woken from his sleep by the sound of the band rehearsing and the awakening of ancient vampire queen Akasha. Tragically, singer & actress Aaliyah, who played Akasha, died in a plane crash shortly after this film wrapped.

Wrath of Dracula – As a horror actress and a fan of vampire films, I loved playing Maria – Dracula’s favourite bride. Wrath of Dracula is a new feminist take on the classic Dracula story; in that the story is told from Mina’s perspective; she has a less passive role in this film than in the novel; she sets off to Transylvania herself to try to save her husband from Dracula’s clutches. There is also an action element to the movie; there are scenes where Mina learns kung fu!

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You can watch Wrath of Dracula right here.

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