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Website Maintenance

Do you own a horror website or blog? Horror Stock has over 15 years of web experience and can help you offload some or all of your regular website maintenance. Whether it's posting new or editing existing content, fixing compatibility issues, setting up new pages or creating images, forms or other useful design elements for your site our team are here to assist.

Our developers are fluent in HTML and other higher level scripting languages as well as being well versed in handling most content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla etc.

And if it's a new web presence you're after then we can also provide full hosting packages as well as domain registration, email setup and other ad-hoc solutions.

- eCommerce Solutions
- eMarketing Services
- Banner Design
- Print Media Design
- Newsletter Templates

- Social Network Development
- Custom Artwork and Graphics
- Website reviews and reports
- Web Analytics and SEO
- PR and Marketing

To find out more about our web based services and whether we can assist you with the creation of your new vision or development of your existing website or blog get in touch. Please contact us at for more details.

Welcome to Horror Stock.
We are here to help you maximise exposure and boost your publicity in the incomparable realm of horror and horror-related entertainment. Whether it is for your newly released product, movie, book release, upcoming project, band, brand, web series or even simply to promote you as an artist - in fact just about anything you can think of - Horror Stock is here to assist.

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