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As part of our ongoing aim in assisting clients to improve their online presence and reach we have introduced a special new 'TerrorText' service here at Horror Stock.

We can provide your site or publication with unique horror content created by us and only us. All articles, features and written content are created entirely from scratch by our excellent team of experienced writers. This unique content can be used on your website, blog, press release, newsletter, marketing materials or any other publications you may have.

All our articles are written by staff members that have journalistic experience and a history of writing unique and exclusive articles and content for a variety of sources. We are English speaking writers and do not currently offer translation services. All of our creative written works are well written and professional.

 Option 1. 

We can provide commissioned articles or features for publication on a per article basis. Our prices vary based on content length but we typically work to 250, 500, or 1000 words per article.
Please contact us at for price details.

 Option 2. 

For more regular content frequency we offer great monthly agreements to supply you with a fresh flow of unique horror content for you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our service will literally provide your site or publication with consistent and professionally written horror content allowing you to concentrate your time on the more important aspects of your business whilst keeping your site or publication new and interesting and helping to gain you a fluid traffic flow.
Please contact us at for price details.


You are welcome to provide us with the subject or a brief overview but we can just as easily come up with unique horror based content with absolutely nothing to get us started. If your feature or article has to follow specific requirements then just let us know and we'll be sure to adhere to them. Following any brief and guidelines provided by you we will use our research skills to take a more in depth look at each relevant area if necessary. So don't worry about giving us a topic we know little or nothing about.

If you require your article to be created 'web-ready', i.e. scripted and coded as web page content ready to upload onto your site, then we can provide the expertise to do so. Our writers are also versed in the use of HTML so they may add highlighted titles, sub-headings, and provide other such formatting as bold, italics and varying font sizes and colours. We can also highlight keywords and create links within your article to other sources, sites or pages internally /externally if required.

We have several pairs of eyes looking over each article we create and therefore any problems, continuity errors or spelling mistakes will be rectified before completion. We also understand edits and minor revisions may be necessary to appease the client and the final product.

This is a ghost writing service. All articles and written work is created for you and once we're finished you retain all rights to the content.

This service provides clients with simply the content itself to give to you to do with what you wish. If, however, you would like to further promte your content then we do offer excellent promotional package deals here.

Welcome to Horror Stock.
We are here to help you maximise exposure and boost your publicity in the incomparable realm of horror and horror-related entertainment. Whether it is for your newly released product, movie, book release, upcoming project, band, brand, web series or even simply to promote you as an artist - in fact just about anything you can think of - Horror Stock is here to assist.

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