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About Us

Horror Stock works in conjunction with several carefully selected and professional partners in horror to bring your vision to a wide and highly targeted audience. Our team have been working in genre-related promotions and marketing for several years gaining invaluable experience in the industry but also identifying some of the potential pitfalls associated with such an overpopulated market.

Far too often we come across those who simply lack the time to get so involved in their own promotions and marketing and are simply left waiting for their most prized creation to receive the attention it so richly deserves, which ultimately never arrives. Now with Horror Stock you can leave it up to us whilst you concentrate on the most important part...creating your next great idea!

Stop throwing money away to market your project. It's our mission to readdress this balance and help get distributors, filmmakers, low budget productions and the rest in getting fully targeted exposure in horror exactly where your money should be spent. By utilising Horror Stock's network you can utilise our targeted organic reach, traffic, fans and followers.

We can help you create a specific, bespoke package that will help fit your requirements and any budget to ensure those all-important opportunities are no longer missed.

Let us help you spread the word.

Welcome to Horror Stock.
We are here to help you maximise exposure and boost your publicity in the incomparable realm of horror and horror-related entertainment. Whether it is for your newly released product, movie, book release, upcoming project, band, brand, web series or even simply to promote you as an artist - in fact just about anything you can think of - Horror Stock is here to assist.

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